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Xinghua macro food co., LTD and a research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of dehydrated vegetables and vegetable powder manufacturers。The company is located in the world-famous dehydrated vegetables production and processing bases——Jiangsu province taizhou xinghua。The company covers an area of20000Square meters,Has the fixed asset1600Ten thousand yuan,Employees400Many people,Professional and technical personnel66People,Senior management personnel10Many people,Have all made of stainless steel high standard production lines4Article and include wind to choose,Vacuum electrostatic,Metal detector, such as a full set of sorting equipment,Production of dehydrated vegetables and vegetable powder3000Tons。

The company founded nearly20Over the years,With rich experience in production management and stable product quality,With the well-known domestic instant noodles、Cookies、Pastry food enterprises established long-term, stable relations of cooperation。2005Years,The company began to explore the international market,Implement the strategy of going out,After years of struggle,Products are now exported to South Korea、The United States、Southeast Asia、More than 20 countries and regions, such as the European Union。

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